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Monday, June 4, 2012

Hurry Up and Wait

I just got home after completing my individual interview with our social worker. It was 90 minutes long and went very well. Shannon will complete his interview Thursday of this week. We are still waiting on my background check to come back. Shannon's was returned last week. I called the company doing the check today and they are looking into the delay. They say that the Alabama Bureau of Investigation should have completed it by now. They are calling to check on it and say that they will have an answer by Thursday. We should receive our passports by the end of this week. Shannon has a physical scheduled for tomorrow. I have completed mine and am simply waiting for paperwork to be completed. Our goal is to have all paperwork submitted to our social worker by the end of June. Please be praying that this happens. At this point, all of the paperwork we need is being processed by someone else. We have no control over when they complete it or when they submit it to us.  We pray that this goes very smoothly. We do not want a paperwork delay to cause this sweet child to have to wait on us. Thanks friends. 

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