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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"How is it coming? What are you working on now?"

Currently, Shannon and I are working to complete our home study. We are about half way through the process. We have finished our home inspection and are now gathering the rest of the documentation we need and completing a laundry list of other tasks that must be finished in order to complete this process. The next step will be to each complete an individual interview. These interviews last about 90 minutes and require the completion of a very in-depth autobiography before the interview can take place. I have submitted my autobiography and am scheduled to have my interview Monday, June 4th at 9:30. Shannon is working to complete his autobiography. Several of you have asked about specific prayer requests that we may have. Please continue to pray that God will provide protection and comfort to our daughter. She has no idea that we are working as hard as we can to get to her. We ask that you pray He will grant her peace as she will not know us and will not understand what is happening when we take her away from all that she has ever known.
Also, we are waiting on several pieces of paperwork to come back. We have done all that we can do on our end and must wait to receive our passports, get confirmation that we have been cleared through the background checks, finalize medical paperwork declaring us to be medically fit, and wait for a variety of other documents to be completed. Please pray that this all happens quickly. We cannot move on to the next step without having each of these items back. Thank you!

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