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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Many of the people with whom I’ve discussed our adoption process have heard me state my belief that God is using this journey to reveal to me much about Himself.  The adoption journey is filled with periods of waiting.  I know that God is using these periods to reveal to me a deeper understanding of His steadfast love for us.  He is the Heavenly Father that longs for his children to have a relationship with Him.  I am an earthly father longing to have a relationship with our waiting child.  As we approach the father’s day weekend, I must admit that it feels bittersweet for me.  Don’t get me wrong---I’m absolutely looking forward to spending time with Christy and our two boys.  But, I just can’t escape the feeling that our family isn’t complete.  Our little girl sits in an orphanage across the world waiting on a family to love her enough to bring her home.  We are steadily making preparations for her and she isn’t even aware of our existence.  She doesn’t have our DNA, our language, or even our skin color.  But, she already has our hearts.  I long for this journey to be complete and to finally be able to welcome her home.  I want her to know that I have prayed for her and long to be her father.  I want her to know that my ultimate prayer for her is the same prayer that I have for my other children---that she will come to know Jesus as Lord and Savior and have a deep, personal relationship with her Heavenly Father.  I want her to know that what the world judges as imperfect was, in fact, wonderfully made by God.  I simply want her to know that she is loved.

“For my father and my mother have forsaken me, but the Lord will take me in.” –Psalm 27:10 ESV

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