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Friday, October 26, 2012

Great News - Log in Date Received!!!

We have been told over and over again that there are many ups and downs in this journey. Yesterday, we had one of those downs. We have been so excited to know that there is another family in China this week and that we would soon be getting even more pictures of our sweet girl. We were so excited to see that this family had posted pictures. We eagerly began looking for Faith. Just last week, we were looking at pictures and talking about how much her hair had grown out and how pretty it looked. Today, we got new pictures that show her with her head shaved again. While we know that shaved heads are really the least of our concerns, something about that picture had us both in tears.

I cannot imagine the logistics of caring for hundreds of children. I can understand the benefits to the staff if they keep everyone's hair as short as possible. However, it still made us sad. It was one more reminder of how far removed from us she really is and that while we love her and are preparing for her arrival, we still have no way to shield her or protect her from anything. We try not to dwell on this because it is very frightening to us. Concerns for her safety, comfort, and emotional well being are frequent sources of conversation these days.

After discussing all of this last night, we again discussed our yearning for a log-in date (LID). We received an email today telling us that our official LID is 10-22-2012. This is HUGE!!! From LID to travel takes no more than six months. We have been told that it should be a bit faster than that because we have already been matched with a child and have completed a few steps that usually take place during this six month period. So, hopefully, we will travel by March 22. This would be an ideal time for us. Arriving home in late March would allow me to take the last few weeks of school off to be with Faith as she adjusts to her new life. She would then have the summer to continue acclimating before she starts to school in August.

We are both absolutely giddy. We have longed for this day! Now we move on to the next steps. Many of you have asked what is left in this process. The steps the we will take from now to "gotcha day"  are listed below.

  • Letter of Acceptance received from China (3 months after LID or PA whichever one is received last)
  • 800 paperwork submitted to USCIS
  • 800 provisional approval received ( approx. 3 weeks)
  • information for visa sent by USCIS to National Visa Center (NVC)
  • Information for visa cabled to the US Embassy in China by the NVC ( about 2 weeks after the information is sent to the NVC)
  • Article 5 letter received (about 2 weeks after cabling info for visa)
  • Article 5 letter couriered to the CCCWA (government office is China that processes adoptions)
  • Travel Approval received from the CCCWA (approx. 3-4 weeks from paperwork being received by the CCCWA)
  • Apply for Consulate Appointment
  • Receive Consulate Appointment (approx. 2 business days after application)
  • Travel (approximately 2 weeks after receiving travel approval)
We have been told that we will receive the information needed to begin working in these next steps early next week. We cannot wait. Bring on the paperwork!!!!!

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