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Saturday, September 22, 2012

China Travel Meeting

Our travel meeting yesterday was very exciting. It is such a blessing to be working with an agency that has thought through every step of this process. We were given so much information. They walked us through the entire trip and provided information and suggestions for each step of the way.
We were given a timeline yesterday. We were told that they hope that we have a log-in date in a month and that they hope we will travel  around five months from that date. That means that we could be meeting our daughter in six months.
We are focusing on all of the things that we need to accomplish during the next six months. We have plans to complete Connor's room downstairs during October. We will have to paint the downstairs and stairway. Anyone know any extremely tall friends that like to paint? The ceilings in the stairway are about 20 feet high. We are already discussing our options for getting that area painted. I am confident in my ability to paint the downstairs myself. Shannon is not so confident in my ability to manage the stairs. Surely he doesn't think that my painting the stairs could result in any type of orthopedic injury. Not the wife he took to dinner that first time partially out of sympathy that she fell down the steps while working for him and was now a single mom with a non-weight bearing injury. Between that first meeting, the shoulder reconstruction that I had done while we were dating and the 12 weeks in a cast last spring thanks to a rambunctious Riley, he is really having some stress about this painting. I am looking forward to the challenge. Shannon keeps reminding me that orthopedic surgery and rehab is not really in the budget and insisting that perhaps hiring someone to do it might be cheaper. The only thing that we agree on at this point is that it is time to paint downstairs.
We have a sweet friend that will be volunteering and the Kid's Market consignment sale in Homewood and is willing to shop for Faith's bedroom furniture with her pre-sale shopping pass. That is such a blessing to us. Hopefully she will find exactly what we have been looking for and we will be able to stretch our money a little bit farther.
We will have to get Connor moved into his new downstairs "suite" and get everyone adjusted to that change. We are looking forward to being able to say that we have a house with four completed, fully furnished bedrooms.
We plan to fill the rest of our time waiting with remodeling and continued grant writing. Please keep these grant opportunities in your prayers. We are in the process of completing several and are waiting on word from three that have already been submitted.
The six(ish) month countdown has begun and we are glad to get to the home improvement/grant writing time period.

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