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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Letter of Acceptance Received

We began this adoption journey after much prayer. We knew then, and we know now, that we are meant to adopt this particular child. Still, the wait has been and continues to be very difficult. This week, we received our letter of acceptance from China. This is huge! This child has been promised to Lifeline and they are supposed to be the only agency with access to her file. Thus far, she has only been on hold for us through Lifeline. The reality of that was that any glitch or change of heart in China could have resulted in her being adopted by another family. As of Monday, China is now holding her for us. No other agency or family will be able to view her information. Now, they know we are coming for her. Hopefully, her orphanage will soon know this and will begin to discuss this with her. We are so very excited. Now, we can begin to send care packages to her. Just think...You have a child that you have never met whose third birthday is in a couple of weeks. What do you send to her? What do you send that tells her, a child who knows no English and who is cared for by a staff that does not know English, that you love her and are so anxious to meet her? Our minds have been racing with possibilities since Monday. We are filling a small photo album with pictures of us. Hopefully, this will help her gain some familiarity with her new family. We are also searching for the "perfect" stuffed animal to send to her. While we know that there is no guarantee that she will receive any of the packages we send her, our prayer is that they make it to her and that they bring her comfort. Even knowing that she may not ever see what we send, we are so thrilled to have the chance to make contact with her.

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